Douglas Home

The Borders based accountancy firm brings together a once dispersed team into one contemporary office

Borders based accountancy firm Douglas Home & Co.’s objective was to create a more-contemporary office workplace that fostered community and connection. The new workspace consolidates several satellite offices and brings together a once dispersed team. The project had to support agile working, whilst creating an environment that enhanced collaboration and wellness of their employees.

The new office has an open plan workspace that is washed with natural light from existing roof lights, and the design includes a strong element of nature with planting within the workplace to connect with the outdoors. The workspace fluidly connects to the kitchen and breakout area, which encourages social interactions amongst employees.

This space was designed to allow for ‘chance meetings’ between colleagues, proven to increase workplace satisfaction and drive innovation. This is a key tool that we’ve used to bring the employees together who were previously in different offices, creating a strong sense of community.

The front-of-house area has a fresh modern feel for clients, which sets the tone for their visit. This space links well to several well-equipped meeting rooms, which foster innovative engagements with their clients.

The overall impact of the new workplace is one that has brought an increased level of collaboration to the organisation, whilst allowing for more focussed productive work and more flexible working amongst its employees. This inspiring new space also strengthens the company’s talent acquisition and retention strategies within the Borders.


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