by Amy Campbell |  26 June 2018

As it was ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ last week, we thought we would share with you some of our regular ‘part time office dogs’. ‘Monty’ (aka Rachel from our Edinburgh Office’s puppy) is 7 months old and has been visiting the office 2 days a week since the start of 2018. Monty likes to play with his ball, toy bone and loves to help with our paper recycling as part of our sustainable environment policy. Monty pictured here sitting at Rachel’s desk, thinking he is an Architect Dog.


Alfie aka David Burgher’s dog is 8 years old and visits the Galashiels office weekly. Alfie loves a treat and make sure to watch out for your lunch if you leave it lying about, he is known to have stolen a sandwich in the past. Both Alfie and Monty are cocker spaniels and have been together on occasion in the office.


Both the Galashiels and Edinburgh team enjoy having Monty and Alfie around as it’s lots of fun and helps provide an enjoyable, healthy work environment.



Monty, aged 7 months



Alfie, aged 8


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